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Forum marketing is fast becoming one of the best means of driving free traffic online. In this blog post, we explain you what a forum is, and why it  is one of the best sources for driving targeted traffic.


What is a forum?

An Internet forum is a place where a group of people with same interests discuss on a particular topic online. In simple words, forum is used like a message board. People can share their experiences, exchange ideas and promote their products if required.

Forums follow tree like structure. The top level is called category and next in the hierarchy is the sub-forum in which the lowest level is the thread. Threads are the places where forum members start discussions or posts.

Every forum has members and moderators. Members discuss the topic and moderators keep the forum in check. They respond to queries of members and also help in keeping the forum clean by removing spams.

A post is a message given by a forum user. This collection of posts on a common topic is known as thread.


How is forum and marketing related? Can marketing be done on forums?

Forum is a place where many people come to gather information on a specific niche or product. Using that information, they decide whether a product is worth buying or not. So, many businessmen use this platform to increase their influence on their niche group of prospects.

In the forum, people selling different products give useful information on their products, compare various brands and market their products. If a person has a genuine product and markets that in a forum, then he is bound to get more traffic to his site and make more sales.

Forums also help in getting backlinks to one’s website.  But forums are not a place for direct marketing where one simply puts up his product for sale. It is a place where one has to first gain the trust of potential buyers by answering their queries and other doubts, show the worth of one’s product by giving proper and legitimate information on one’s product and how it is better than the other products available in the same niche. This in turn increases the seller’s reputation and more people start buying.

Forum marketing is very popular method for online marketing among the new start-ups because it is free of cost, all the participating members of forums are generally the people with good understanding of the internet. So they won’t hesitate in buying online products. The only thing needed is some quality time and commitment.


How to do forum marketing? Where should I start?

There are few important things that one has to keep in mind before entering forum marketing:

  • Find the right forum for your niche.
  • Create a professional-looking profile and a neat avatar.
  • Give valuable information to the members of the forum.
  • Put your website address in the signature area to get backlinks.
  • Be an active member.

The more time you spend the more trust and influence you gain. So, forum marketing is a great tool for online sellers to get more traffic and backlinks to their website. If done properly, one can get more than 100 unique visitors per day without any trouble.

Now that you know what Forum Marketing is, it is time to take it to the next level. Read next:

Life wasn’t easy for me as an Internet Marketer. I spent my first year, without making much money. I tried blogging, but I wasn’t good enough for Google, and my budget was running low. So, I had to abandon it. Then I tried writing articles for money in The problem with being a freelance writer is that you need to be consistent, to make money, and that wasn’t working for me. But, during that time, I kept learning constantly, and I stumbled across the power of PLR. Very soon, I learnt the value of PLR products, and how people were making money selling them. However, I did not have the money for starting a website or hosting it.



Then, someone told me about Fiverr. I rushed to fiverr and had a look at all those gigs offered. Fiverr is a marketplace for selling your service. You can list your services there for free. Each service is called a gig. When someone buys your gig, you get paid.



I thought my knowledge about PLR products (25 Ways to Make Money Using PLR products) can help me in making money through Fiverr. I saw how so many sellers were offering to sell bulks of plr products that were unorganized, or selling individual plr products. But, they were not making much sales.

For a moment, I thought from the viewpoint of a buyer. Then, i got the idea.. I understood why they weren’t making much sales. It is not because, people don’t buy plr products… It is because they were doing it all wrong. So immediately, I created an account on fiverr, and instead of selling bulks of plr products, or a fixed plr product, I offered to sell a plr product of the buyer’s choice.


Even though Fiverr is a place where you can set up a lot of gigs and make a lot of money, it is ineffective without traffic. So, to get free traffic, I used Forum Marketing. Forum marketing is a technique in which, you register yourself in a Forum and start posting relevant content in response to others. You can have a link leading to a url of your choice, in your signature file, and that’s how you get benefited…Yes… You get free traffic. I went to warriorforum and started posting helpful posts to others with a link to my gigs in my signature… and within a month, I had made my first $100 online.

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